Saturday, August 12, 2006

Van Nuys/ Laurel Canyon

Oh man! We're back! And with a vengence!

So last week, we figured it wasn't hot enough in The Bo, so off to Pacoima aka, The Pac.

They have some really great stuff up there. What I'm really excited is to venture back to Pico Blvd. We visited some friends on the Westside! for a housewarming and layed our eyes on some great murals while our personal bus driver on bus 31 drove us around.

Anyone think that Vicente Fernandez mural looks like another famous one in downtown?

Its good to be back!


pamcakes said...

Dang! and i thought it was Burt Reynolds.

Da K-ster! said...

tony what up my n---a! hey man email me your new address and all in the Lake. Peace out K-Shizzo. YO!