Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is my tribute to the years greatest holiday, Thanksgiving.
Lets count the ways on how awesome it is.
Lets see, you don't have to work and not see the people you can't stand.
You get to stay in or go visit family.
You get to feed your face all sorts of food and not have to feel guilty about it..unless your vegetarian, then your screwed.
You can play with your new Wii.
You can prepare yourself for the awesome shopping day that is Black Friday, actually, that day sucks, too many people shopping.
And finally you get to celebrate your birthday the day after....oh what...? You didn't know?
Now you do!


Anonymous said...

Me gusta tamarindo muchisimo!!

y antes que me obido feliz Feliz Cumpleanios mi amigo!


Anonymous said...

Orale! Happy birfday. I think I'll get you the same thing I got you last year, and the year before dat.... Ese!

SeƱor Chips said...

Happy birthday!

NAHRIN said...

IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY?!!!! Sheesh and you didn't let us know....psssssssht *LOL*


Marmax said...

Well, Happy (late) B'day! You shoulda told us before! :)

Anonymous said...



Todd Harris said...

nice blog you have here. first visit. can't wait for more.