Sunday, February 12, 2006

Great news today!

I was announced the Blog Discovery of the Day at LA Observed!:

and at The Valley Observed!:

I take much pride in being born in L.A. and raised in the rough
City of Norwalk. ;)
This site is nothing without all the great art in Los Angeles.

Thanks for digital ink Mr. Roderick!


Anonymous said...

i bet you make yer mummy proud! :D

I love the fact the used the photo of the guy that was all mural blocking you.. plus the girl with her nipples showing. .hahahah


SeƱor Chips said...

Wow, congrats dude! You're like famous or something now! Don't forget the little people you stepped on to make it here, you know the ones that paint these masterpieces.

Nydia said...

Awesome blog...great coverage of murals. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing these murals! Nice job! Like the person who commented previously (in Nov) said, I'd love to know who paints them. I agree, we don't want to hear the "meaning" behind them necessarily, but it would be cool to know who does them. Have you ever seen one in progress?

Tony Mora said...

Thanks for the comments. I may have to investigate further. Its just a little intimidating sometimes to go into some of the stores or restuarants and start asking questions. I get hasseled sometimes for taking pictures of their store fronts and it turns me off to press for answers. But, maybe I'll try. Maybe.